Which residence should you choose?

Choosing your school residence

Just like no two students are alike, no two school residences are alike. Take some time to consider your child’s needs, interests, and desires so you can help them choose the best learning environment.

Make an informed choice

Naturally, you’d like to choose a school residence that ticks all your boxes and one where your child will feel the most at home. Here are some things to keep in mind when making a decision:

  • How far is the residence from your home?
  • What type of transportation is available?
  • What are the immediate surroundings of the school like? Is it in a city or a rural area?
  • What special programs is your child interested in taking (international, sports, music, etc.)?
  • What extracurricular activities are available in the evenings?

Figure out what’s most important to you and your child to help guide your decision. We also recommend you check to see if there is school transportation from where you live to the residence of your choice. To find out, select your hometown from the “A residence at my doorstep” dropdown menu.

Explore the advantages of the various schools in the network by choosing a residence from the list in the “Discover the residences in our network” section.

**Psst! A tour is worth a thousand words! We suggest you get in touch with the contact person at each residence and arrange a visit before making your final decision.

If you’re having trouble making a decision or need more information, contact us!

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